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The Jefferson Story

My love of clocks started with the 2 generations of men before me. As a child, my Grandparents house was full of them. At the age of 9, I remember my Grandfather showing me how to put a clock in beat. That’s when it all started for me! I tinkered with clocks throughout my childhood and at the age of 17 my Dad gave me a broken Waltham Car Clock and a box of miscellaneous parts. He said if I could fix that, I could fix any clock! I had it running in less than 24 hours.


My Grandfather, Tom Jefferson, had a passion for clocks as far back as I can remember. After retiring from a long career in 1980, he turned his passion into a business repairing and restoring clocks. After his death my Dad, Jim Jefferson, worked his Dad’s clock repair business into his antiques restoration shop. Over time, the antiques moved out and the clocks kept coming in. He had a successful clock repair business in Hemet until retiring a few years ago.

 ~Joshua Jefferson, 3rd Generation

"Old-school quality craftsmanship and service meets new-school technology and ideas!"


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